Sensory Room Design, Supply and Setup

Did you know, that we offer complete sensory room design, supply and setup? 



We have a whole other catalogue for sensory room products not just what is shown on our website. PLUS, we can offer discounts on sensory room setups where several items are purchased.



Multi-Sensory Environments can open up a whole new world for individuals:

  • Increase concentration and focus attention
  • Develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste
  • Heighten awareness and improve alertness
  • Improve coordination and motor development
  • Promote cognitive development by increased brain function
  • Encourage people to explore their environment
  • Provide security
  • Enjoy themselves
  • Improve and encourage creativity
  • Develop a sense of cause and effect
  • Develop language
  • Promote social interactions
  • Promote mental and physical relaxation- stress levels drop dramatically
  • Calmer and less aggressive behaviour
  • Improve communication and sharing
  • Provide relief and distraction from pain and painful treatments.



We can create sensory spaces in rooms large or small and can advise on the products most beneficial to the users sensory needs.



Simply send us your contact details and we'll arrange a meeting to discuss your sensory room needs and budget. Email us today to get started: