Baff Drum Stool (5-9 Years)
Baff Drum Stool (5-9 Years)
Baff Drum Stool (5-9 Years)

Baff Drum Stool (5-9 Years)

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To drum on the Children Drumming stools from Baff music furniture is big fun for the children. The cool stools look stylish, are sustainably produced and sound according to the DRUM MAGAZINE DRUMHEADS first class. There are free stickers to mark the different sounds with every drum stool. With the help of the stickers young children are able to learn where to hit the bass and snare. In addition to the stickers we send a free drum learning manual. It consists of different music sheets developed by music teachers especially for this instrument. This manual enables kids to learn how to drum quickly.
The drum stool is available in the colours: white, blue, pink, orange, green and in Natural beech and in black with a cool Pirate design.There are 2 different seat heights to cover different needs and ages. 


Seat Height 30cm from 2-5 years
Measurements: 26cm x 26cm x 30cm


Seat Height 38cm from 5-9 years
Measurements: 26cm x 26xm x 38cm 

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