Outdoor Activity Tunnel
Outdoor Activity Tunnel
Outdoor Activity Tunnel

Outdoor Activity Tunnel

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The Outdoor Activity Tunnel is made from a material called Duraply. This is an ultra-durable panel for outdoor use in the most demanding conditions. It is lightweight, heat resistant and has increased biological durability meaning it does not require any treatment when left outside, unlike wood.

The tunnel consists of 5 panels which are the same size so they can be assembled in any order desired. Two of the panels are Perspex, two panels are mirror and the final panel is blackboard.

The tunnel is designed for children to crawl under, create dens, look out/in through the Perspex etc. It can also be secured in an upright position using the pre drilled holes to create an imaginative play space.

What our team of testers said

"I am hiding from the monsters." - Boy aged 3

"A house for my giraffes!" - Girl aged 2

Skills Developed

  • Encourages imaginative role play
  • Promotes storytelling
  • Develops self-concept

What the experts think:

This versatile activity tunnel encourages children to engage in free and imaginative play, which is the superfood of the balanced play diet. Our testers enjoyed climbing through the tunnel, pretending it was their house and even pretending to be animals!

This kind of imaginative role play not only benefits storytelling skills, but it also allows young children to act out different scenarios and make sense of them. This is fantastic for personal, social and emotional development. The mirror also generated lots of laughter as our younger testers looked and pointed at themselves and each other – this is great for learning self-awareness as they become able to identify their reflection.

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