Safari Ltd Dino Babies Toob
Safari Ltd Dino Babies Toob

Safari Ltd Dino Babies Toob

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Even dinosaurs can be cute when they are in our Dino Babies TOOB® by Safari Ltd®. Children love TOOBS® because the collections of small toys feature vibrant colours and accurate detail. The educational toys are available in dozens of fun themes. Each set of tiny figures comes in a reusable acetate tube with a spinning globe on the cap, which snaps open and closed for easy storage. They are perfect for classroom and homeschool projects, traveling, collecting, and imaginative play. 

Dino Babies TOOB® Contains:
  • Pteranodon Baby
  • Allosaurus Baby
  • Apatosaurus Baby
  • Triceratops Baby
  • Brachiosaurus Baby
  • Stegosaurus Baby
  • Parasaurolophus Baby
  • Velociraptor Baby
  • T-Rex Baby
  • Spinosaurus Baby
Replicas Measure 4 to 7.5 cm

Recommended Age 3+
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