Sensory Giant Bubble Kit - Tactile, Smell, Visual

Sensory Giant Bubble Kit - Tactile, Smell, Visual

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Sensory Giant Bubble Kit designed particularly for those on the autism spectrum, and anyone who would benefit for a multi-sensory bubble experiences and play.

• 3 bottles of our Extraordinary Giant Bubble mix, each mixing up to make a litre. with a selection of three from the below:
• 1 is Blue and smells of fresh mountain air
• 1 is Green and smells of pine forest
• 1 is Yellow and smells of vibrant citrus
• 1 is Red and smells of red fruits
Each kit also comes with a bubble foamer to make long snakes of tactile foam
Two hand wands, to easily waft and catch giant bubbles.
One wand with three interchangeable ropes – to make giant bubbles, or lots of little or large bubbles.

Measurements: 40 x 14 x 12 cm

Recommended Age: 3+