Tikk Tokk Crawling Tunnel
Tikk Tokk Crawling Tunnel

Tikk Tokk Crawling Tunnel

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The Crawling Tunnel is very simple to install. The poles and corners are UV stabilised and will last longer in the sun. Lighter colours perform better under extended UV exposure.
The Crawling Tunnels are modular and are made up of Ends, Corners and Runs. Although they come with the standard configuration diagram, they can easily be configured in many shapes/directions.
Assembly is fun and easy; assemble the pipes and simply lay the fabric panels in place, and secure them with the simple Fabric-Clips. See the glee on their faces.


  • Simple to Install
  • Light and Safe
  • Very Large 6m Crawling Tunnel
  • Multi-coloured fun and exciting
  • Super light so quick access to children, if required
  • Washable Fabric


  • Soft Sides and Roof therefore safe
  • Easily Extendable
  • Windows on 'Runs'
  • Shape can be changed

Recommended Age 3+ 

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